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1980s - forward

Michael Dell, trade agreement between Mexico, Canada, and US, Donald Trump, Watergate, trade, Sam Walton, US Housing crisis, Steve Jobs, President who faced the challenge of handling 9/11 disaster, dot com boom, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Social Security, Ray Kroc, free trade, Lee Iacocca,

Microsoft, occurs when nations buy goods from other countries, computer technology and internet services grew quickly, began in 2006 - occured b/c people couldnt pay adjustable rate mortgages, scandal that forced Nixon to resign, means that nations can trade with each other without taxes on imports, Dell Computers english , George W. Bush, govt. program which pays money to retired citizens, took over Chrysler when it was about to fail and fixed it,, McDonalds, real estate developer, Wal-Mart, NAFTAweb page, Apple Computers mix questions ,