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ExMa Tests 15/3 (%27About my novella%27)

Type the missing words. I strongly suggest doing the first two exercises prepared for the text before you start with this one.

1. His cousin was already an # (uznany) merchant.
genre, , ,
2. It ended up getting published in the # (literacki) magazine but I got a B in the course.
rehearsal, , ,
3. The contract seems fine, except for a few # (pomniejsze) details.
literary, , ,
4. We should raise the # (kwestia) of discrimination with the council.
minor, , ,
5. Science fiction as a # (gatunek) is relatively new.
embedded, , class page ,
6. We%27re having our first # (próba) of %27Hamlet%27 tonight.
issue, , ,
7. Most job descriptions are # (nijakie, mdłe), boring and totally lacking in colour.
bland, , ,
8. Feelings of guilt are deeply # (osadzone) in her personality.
established, , ,