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2. Who is the most powerful Northamerican wildcat? The most powerful Northamerican wildcat is _________________________________.
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3. What does it eat? It mostly feeds on ___________________.
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5. The Mountain Lion, also called the Puma, the Cougar, the Panther, and the Catamount, feeds mostly on deer. The only two other food items it consistently eats are, surprisingly, porcupines and grass. Today Mountain Lions live mainly in western North America. Some, however, live in the Florida Everglades, where they are called Florida Panthers.
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6. Why does he have this name? Because of the shape of its _____________________.
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7. Where does the Bobcat live? It lives in ________________________.
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8. Where does it live? The Mountain Lion mainly lives in _______________________________.
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9. The Bobcat is found only in North America and is the most common wildcat here. This cat feeds mainly on rabbits and hares but it will attack many types of prey. A fearless predator, it not only attacks animals larger than itself, it also takes on skunks and porcupines. Its name comes from its special tail%27s shapel.
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10. What does the Bobcat eat? It feeds mainly on ________________________________.
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12. The Mountain Lion is also called the Cougar, the Panther, the Catamount and _________________________.
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13. The Jaguar is the biggest and most powerful North American wildcat, and the only one that roars. Unlike most cats, the Jaguar loves to play in places with water on hot days. This animal has incredibly powerful jaws and is much stronger than the Mountain Lion. It is great traveler, the Jaguar has been seen only rarely in recent times in the U.S., where it is an endangered species. It still survives in Mexico and southward.
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