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c language test ch4

1. cin %3e%3e a%3e%3eb is a correct syntax
2. We use the outfile object to write output to an external file
3. ofstream outfile (“ XX.OUT “) is a correct syntax to write data to the file
4. we use the Extrafile.close to close any open file
5. A cout statement immediately after a cin statement is called a PROMPT
TRUE, FALSE grading , ,
6. The statement cin %3e%3e %22a%22 ; Will store the first keyboard input data to variables a .
, ,
7. #include %3ciostream%3e #include %3cfstream%3e using namespace std; int main ( ) { double m , b, x ; cout %3c%3c %22Enter two value for M and B%22%3c%3cendl; cin %3e%3e m %3e%3e b ; x = m %2b b ; ofstream outfile(%22ZZ.OUT%22); outfile %3c%3c%22the value of X = %22 %3c%3c x %3c%3c endl ; outfile.close ( ) ; cout %3c%3c %22the value of M %2b B = %22 %3c%3c x ; system(%22pause%22) ; }
the value of M %2b B =8, Enter two value for M and B, the value of X =8,