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ADEA Review

1. Individuals must be at least _____ years of age to be covered by the ADEA
70, 40, 65, 35
2. online The Act also protects an older worker%27s ......
rights to privacy, medical history, disability payments, all of the answers are correct
3. Although the law doesn’t prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that aren’t very serious, harassment is illegal when it ...
results in an adverse employment decision-such as victim demoted, results in an adverse employment decision-such as victim fired learning , is so frequent that it creates a hostile work environment., all choices are correct
4. quiz The harasser can be who in relation to the employee?
a supervisor in another area, the victim’s supervisor, a co-worker, all choices are correct
5. What is the cap on age that is covered by the ADEA?
40, 65, 70, there is no cap on age
6. To be covered by the ADEA, an employer must have what?
twenty or more employees for each working day, ADEA insurance coverage, managers that have been specifically trained by the ADEA, all of the choices are correct
7. What is the most common form of relief for the victims of Age Discrimination?
a settlement of potential future earnings online quizzes , back pay, paid vacation time, $1000