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The American West

1. quiz generator The belief that expansion from the Atlantic to the Pacific is God ordained
mutiny, suffrage, Manifest Destiny, continuity
2. Granted 160 acres to settlers willing to improve the land for 5 years.
13th amendment, Bueller Act, Homestead Act, Dawes Act
3. Mining: young, single men - go to places like _________ in hopes of striking it rich
New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota, Delaware, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama
4. Railhead - a point on a railroad from which roads and other transportation routes begin. Cattle was driven to this well known railhead:
Tupelo, Mississippi, Atlanta, Georgia, Abilene, Kansas, Houston, Texas
5. Ran from San Antonio, Texas to Kansas. Purpose: route on which to drive cattle
Chisholm Trail, Shawnee Trail, Western Trail, Eastern Trail
6. Inventor of barbed wire
John Deere, George Pullman, John D Rockefeller, Joseph Glidden
7. Region is known for ranching and agriculture - flat, grassy, open, few trees
East coast, New England, Gulf coast, Great Plains
8. Invented the mechanical reaper:
Joseph Glidden, Andrew Carnegie, Cyrus McCormick, George Pullman
9. Commercializes the steel plow
John Goodman, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Lewis Hine, John Deere
10. Bonzana Farms: Farms controlled by large businesses which raised massive quantities of a single cash crop
True, False, neither, both
11. Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad occurred at Promontory Point in the state of
Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah
12. The Transcontinental Railroad was completed in
1910, 1969, 1790, 1869
13. Immigrants from this country made up a vast majority of workers for the Central Pacific Railroad
Mexico, Italy, England, China
14. George Westinghouse invented the
sleeping (passenger) rail car, telephone, railway air brake , steel plow
15. online education George Pullman invented the
bonanza farm, steel plow, sleeping rail car, airplane
16. quiz generator The Plains Indians ultimately depended on this animal for survival
horse, sheep, buffalo, goat
17. Broke up many Indian reservations and turned Native Americans into individual property owners.
The Dawes Act, The Homestead Act, The 13th amendment, The 15th amendment