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EOC prep - Reconstruction

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sharecropping, Plessy vs Ferguson, 15th amendment, KKK, Poll tax, 13th amendment, Ulysses S Grant web 2.0 , Freedmen%27s Bureau, 14th amendment, Thomas Nast, impeachment , Jim Crow laws, Black Codes, Credit Mobilier, Boss Tweed, John Wilkes Booth, Political Machines quiz builder ,

scandal that involved the Union Pacific Railroad , Leader of Tammany Hall political machine in NYC, assassinated Lincoln, citizenship granted to former slaves, enforced segregation in the public places in the South, laws passed mostly in the south to limit rights of blacks, informal groups of professional politicians who controlled local government, African Americans gain the right to vote, Union general who became president, drew cartoons; eventually brought down Boss Tweed teaching , goal to oppose reconstruction, maintain white supremacy, outlawed slavery 1865 language , provided help to former slaves - education, medical, healthcare, landowner allows a tenant to farm land in return for a share of the crop, The process of charging a public official of a crim, Supreme Court ruled segregation was legal, must pay a tax to vote,