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1. Which of the following was NOT a place New Spain went in the New World?
Florida, North America, South America, Canada
2. Which explorer traveled the Mississippi River and claimed the land we now call Louisiana for France?
Robert de LaSalle, Coureurs de bois crossword maker , Samuel de Champlain, Magellan
3. ESL Which item is NOT from the New World?
tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes, cattle
4. Which item is NOT from the New World?
cocoa (chocolate) beans, pumpkins and squash, smallpox, corn
5. What%27s name for Spanish conquerers or explorers?
courerus de bois, Columbian exchange, Peninsulares, Conquistadors
6. Where did Ponce de Leon travel to?
Boston, MA, Peru in South America, Canada, Florida
7. What was explorer Coronado looking for in the New World?
fountain of youth, 7 cities of Gold, convert Native Americans, conquer the Aztecs
8. What was NOT something France wanted from the New World?
gold, fur trade, convert Native Americans, find the Northwest Passage
9. Which social class in New Spain held the top jobs in government and religion?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
10. Which social class in New Spain was the lowest?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
11. Which social class in New Spain consisted of Spanish-born people?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
12. Which social class in New Spain consisted of people with Indian and Spanish background?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
13. Which social class in New Spain consisted of American-born people whose parents were born in Spain?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
14. distance learning Which social class most likely had jobs such as a tailor, baker, or blacksmith?
Peninsulares quiz generator , Creoles, Mestizos, Indians
15. Which settlement in New Spain was designed with high thick walls and had stables and soldiers within it?
This did not exist in New Spain online learning games , Pueblo, Presidio, Mission
16. Which settlement in New Spain meant town, or village, and was a center of farming and trade?
This settlement did not exist in New Spain., Pueblo, Presidio, Mission
17. Which settlement in New Spain was a church where priests converted Native Americans to Catholicism?
This settlement did not exist in New Spain, Pueblo, Presidio, Mission
18. Which man was a priest and saw the awful conditions for the Indians in New Spain? (He pleaded the king to change the cruel working conditions.)
Columbus, Bartolome de Las Casas, Father Marquette, Father Magellan
19. What city was founded in Louisiana that became an important fort for New France?
Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Orleans, Peru
20. Which was NOT an effect of the Columbian exchange?
Worldwide exchange of a variety of foods, Lots of diseases were brought to the Americas, Many Europeans died of new dieases in the Americas, Horses were brought from the Old World to the New World
21. Which is NOT true about Spanish conquistadors?
They had advanced weaponry to help them defeat the Indians, They knew smallpox was going to kill the native populations, They included Magellan, Pizarro, Ponce de Leon, and Cortes, They settled in Louisiana
22. Which statement is NOT true?
The New World included North and South America distant learning , The New World included Europe, Asia, and South America, France only traveled to North America, Spain traveld to both North and South America
23. Which statement is false?
Spanish brought horses to the New World, Smallpox came from animals like cattle, The Columbian exchange involved Old %26 New World, Columbus travelled to the Indies
24. Which statement is false?
Columbus was from Italy but sailed for Spain, Columbus traveled to the Caribbean Islands, Columbus believed he was in Asia during his travles, Columbus found lots of gold and treasures on his trips
25. Which event in Europe sparked a renewed interest in knowledge and information?
Crusades, Renaissance, Trade routes, War of Roses
26. english Which is FALSE about North America in 1492?
It was covered in forests, but also had many plains, There were millions of Native Americans living there, The tribes and civilizations there were complex cultures, Native American tribes all lived in tepees adn hunted buffalo
27. The place Columbus and other European explorers were really trying to travel to:
The Americas, The Indies, The Caribbean Islands, Around the tip of Africa
28. Which one of the answers below was NOT a similarity between New France and Spain?
They were both lead by a king (ultimately), They both had social classes, They both had missionaries, They were both colonies
29. What Indian civilization did Pizarro conquer?
Inca, Aztec, Maya, Northwest Coast Indians