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New France Quiz

1. Which area below was NOT included in New France?
Missionaries, Conquistadors, Coureurs de bois, Conquistadors de bois,
2. Where did Marquette and Joliet travel to in the New World?
Runners of the marathon, Taxes placed on Native Americans, Runners of the Woods, Runners of the Rivers,
3. Which city was founded by Samuel de Champlain?
Magellan, Samuel de Champlain short answer questions , Robert de LaSalle, Marquette and Joliet,
4. Which city was host to a large fort that protected the land and river there?
area around the Mississippi River, parts of Canada , Southwest US, Louisiana,
5. What are typical French settlements like?
Mississippi River, Nova Scotia and Quebec, Louisiana, New Orleans,
6. Where did Robert de LaSalle travel to in the New World?
Mississippi River, Nova Scotia and Quebec, Louisiana, New Orleans,
7. The Northwest Passage existed and the French discovered it.
Mississippi River, Louisiana, New Orleans, All of these are correct,
8. Besides the French king, who was placed in charge of New France?
Tailor and missionary/priest, missionary/priest and fur trader, missionary/priest and translator, land owner and slave,
9. Why did Robert de LaSalle give the name Louisiana to a place he traveled?
He had a girl he liked back home named Louise., His oldest son was named Louis, Named after French king Louis XIII, Named after French king Louis XIV,
10. Where did Samuel de Champlain travel to in the New World?
Quebec, Florida class page , New Orleans, Mississippi River,
11. Which description is NOT accurate about New France%27s relationship with Native Americans?
Louisiana, Quebec, New France, New York,
12. Which is NOT a reason the French went to the New World?
It was peaceful and friendly, They traded often with one another for furs, Many French men married Indian women, They conquered many of their civilizations,
13. Which person below is NOT a French explorer?
a viceroy, a king jr quiz generator , a prince, a council,
14. What valuable item did French trade the most?
Gold, Fur, Beads, Food,
15. What does the term %22coureurs de bois%22 translate to?
Presidios and missions, just not pueblos, Military forts, Forts and tradiing posts, They did not build anything,
16. What occupations did Marquette and Joliet hold?