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Glossary Match Quiz Day 11

collectivistic orientation, abstraction ladder, intrapersonal communication, blocker, empathy, narratives, attribution, consensus, group , Dyad, norms learning , symposium, mass communication, communication, reflected appraisal, buzz group,

subgroup to address issue and report back to bigger group, identify with group not themselves- team player, how meaning is attached to words, Not something done to listeners by speakers, image of ourselves based on way we think others see us, a small collection of people, face to face interaction, divide topic and receive indepth information - workshops, transmitted to large audience over vastvia media, personal stories we tell to make sense of our world, takes a negative stand on all issues, refuses to co-operate e-learning , face to face communication between two people, occurs when all members of group support decision assess performance , communicating with one%27s self- inner thoughts, to experience the world from another person%27s point of view, unstated rules, shared values, beliefs, values that govern grp., levels of vagueness and specificness in communication,