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MAGIC Terminology Quiz

Click the letter beside the correct answer.

1. The software on your computer or local server that allows you to connect to one or more of the SAP environments.
Sandbox, Web GUI, SRM Portal, SAP GUI
2. Application that enhances and improves e-procurement processes.
3. Any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business.
Transaction, Master Data, HCM Mini-Master, Business Process
4. The Human Resource application that allows an organization to maximize the value of its employees and align employee skills and activities with busines objectives.
OCM, SRM online activities , HCM, PMO
5. create online tests The SAP Module that focuses on the general ledger, the processes of payable/receivables, and asset accounting.
Logistics, Finance , HCM, uPerform
6. Part of Finance Module. Comprised of Grantee and Grantor.
Logistics , Finance , SRM, Grants Management
7. SAP Module that contains procurement, Fleet Management, and Inventory Management.
Logistics , Supplier Relationship Management, Finance , Grants Management
8. A series of related steps required to perform a certain task.
Security Role, Conversion, Transaction, T-Code
9. crossword maker An alphanumeric code used to execute a transaction in the SAP ECC system.
Conversion, PIN, ACE ID, Transaction Code
10. Changes to the look and feel of SAP to meet the State%27s business rules and requirements.
Workflow, Blueprint, Conversion, Configuration
11. The translation of data from one format to another so that existing informan can be used without manually reentering the data.
Conversion, Realization, Cnfiguration, Transaction
12. Defines what a person will be able to do and see within MAGIC. Based on position and its responsibilities.
Transaction, Security Role, Workflow, Data Access
13. A structured approach to shifting/transitioning organizations from its current processes to new processes.
14. Phase of implementation which defines and documents how business requirements will be met. Output is a business model.
Blueprinting, Go-Live, Realization, Integration Testing
15. Testing of end-to-end processes with all system enhancements, workflows, and conversions (partial data).
Realization, Blueprinting, Integration Testing Cycle 1, Production Cutover
16. Involves taking the approved blueprint design and configuring the system. Construction phase of the project.
Integration Testing 1, Realization, Blueprinting, Go-Live
17. Testing of end-to-end processes and all interfaces, reports, forms, security and conversions (full data).
Integration Testing Cycle 2, Data Testing, Table Testing, Integration Testing Cycle 1
18. Testing by selected users to confirm MAGIC meets the agreed-upon requirements.
Unit Testing, Data Testing, Integration Testing 1, User Acceptance Testing
19. The process of transitioning from one system to a new one.
Data Conversion, Production Cutover, Lapse Period, Year-end Close
20. Testing environment that isolates untested code changes and system experimentation from the MAGIC production and non-production environments.
Development, Production, QA, Sandbox
21. State-agency personnel who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of current system environments, business processes, policies, procedures and standards.
Power Users, SME, PMO, All of the above.
22. A %22behind the scenes%22 process that routes transactions and processes to different individuals for processing and/or approval.
Conversion, Workflow, Data Processing, Configuration
23. language Software tool used to document, manage and track issues and Key Decision Documents for the MAGIC project.
HP QC, SAP, uPerform, MAGIC
24. An authoring and content management tool that delivers targeted, high-quality learning content to employees.
SolMan, Work Instruction, MS Word, uPerform
25. A uPerform document type used for MAGIC help that contains instructions, pictures, drawings or other visualizations to demonstrate how to perform a transaction.
Homework, Tests, Exercises, Work Instructions
26. A uPerform document type that contains %22pop-up%22 screenshots. Default documentation type used in MAGIC help.
Cue Card, Dry Erase Board, Blackboard, Spreadsheet
27. A uPerform document type that contains recorded visual executions of each transaction step.
Cue Card, Simulation, Work Instruction, Blackboard