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SAP Terminology Crossword Puzzle - Grp 1 Mon

Crossword hints:
Primary component of SAP that provides the basic capabilities of the system, including maintaining the database, providing security, and providing the ability to customize the system., Changing the look and feel of SAP to meet the state’s design (business rules and requirements). Taking the business requirements and turning on/off the various %22switches%22 in SAP to ensure MAGIC meets , The translation of data from one format to another format (e.g., legacy systems formats to SAP format) so that existing information can be used in the new system without manually reentering the data. , Enterprise Core Component, System that combines all financial, procurement, human resource, and payroll functions into a single, integrated software system, SAP Module: The Human Resource application that allows an organization to maximize the value of its employees and align employee skills, activities, and incentives with business objectives and strateg, Any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business. It may include data about clients and customers, employees, inventory, suppliers, analytics and more., Organizational Change Management, Project Management Office, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflow, A testing environment that isolates untested code changes and system experimentation from the MAGIC production and non-production environments., State-agency personnel who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of current system environments, business processes, policies, procedures, and standards., SAP Module: Supplier Relationship Management application that enhances and improves e-procurement processes. , A series of related steps required to perform a certain task., An alphanumeric code used to execute a transaction in an SAP ECC system., A “behind the scenes” process that routes transactions and processes to different individuals for processing and/or approval.,

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