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Distanțe în cubul ABCDA%27B%27C%27D%27

distanța=muchia cubului, distanța=diagonala feței, distanța=diagonala cubului, distanța=1/2*diagonala feței,

d(A , D%27), d(C , A%27), d(AD , B%27C%27), learning d(AA%27 , BB%27), d(A%27 , B%27D%27), d(AD%27 , BC%27), quiz builder d((ABC) ,(B%27C%27D%27)), d(B, (ACC%27)), d(BC,B%27C%27), d((ABB%27) , (CDD%27)), d(D%27 , (BCC%27)), d(C%27 , (BCD%27)),