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Słowotwórstwo 1 (MC 81.1)

Uzupełnij luki odpowiednią formą wyrazu utworzonego od słowa podanego wielkimi literami na końcu każdego zdania. Wymagana jest pełna poprawość gramatyczna wpisywanych wyrazów.

1. We have to make our children understand that the disabled are not # from society. CAST
helplessness, , ,
2. There are some more kids in the # who distribute newspapers in the morning. NEIGHBOUR
roughly, , ,
3. Writing an # paper means that you have to defend your initial thesis. ARGUE
outcasts, , ,
4. The press # secrets from the celebrity%27s past. COVER
underprivileged, , ,
5. Doctors stated that in order to save the patient%27s life, the open-heart surgery was #. AVOID
neighbourhood, , ,
6. Dan received an award for his unremitting efforts to improve the situation of the #. PRIVILEGE
argumentative, , ,
7. People who have # jobs frequently work out in gyms to release the pressure. STRESS
stressful, , create online activities ,
8. You can%27t complain about her #; you know she%27s still a child. HELP
unavoidable, , ,
9. Your figures # tie in with what we have managed to establish. ROUGH
uncovered, , ,