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Business Management Semester Review Chapter 3 Part 2

HR skill- getting people to believe in the goals of the company, Reward power only works if , If you plan a career in business you need to online education , Effective leaders encourage others to share , One of the key qualities for managers, at any level is to be...stimulate your students , power given to people because others want to be accepted , Reward power means an employee believes multiple choice questions , Which type of power is the fastest to persuade?, Involves an awareness of our attitudes and opinions, Legitimate/ Position Power crossword maker , Coersive Power short answer questions , HR skill--manager cannot treat everyone the same way, HR skill--manager is listening to employee concerns, HR skill- employees maintain a high level of job satisfaction , Having leadership characteristics do not ensure, A client/attorney relationship is an example of ,

team building, an effective leader, ideas, experiences, and opinions, that someone will be a good leader. class page , develop leadership skills., belief that punishment could be granted if job not performed, they are going to get some type of reward for doing their job., job satisfaction , expert, comes from the position that the manager holds in the organization., Self Understanding online education , referent school , the reward is appealing, they will get it, and proportionate , Communication, Understanding of others, reward ,