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Business Management Semester Review Chapter 2 (Mayo, Bernard, Fo

In the 1st Phase of Hawthorne Studies production raised, Believed that conflict could be a good thing, Elton Mayo is best known for, Follett believed that managers could deal with conflict by, he worker%27s feelings and attitudes affected their work learning , Emphasized the importance of coordination in a corporation, Found that money wasn%27t the only motivator for workers, Human Relations Management, Hawthorne Studies--Phase 2, Follett%27s recommended method of dealing with conflict., Results of 1st Phase of Hawthorne Studies, Bernard believed that employees will put up a fight if asked to things , one of Follett’s most important contributions e-learning , %22Success depends on treating employees well%22, he first stage of the Hawthorne Studies investigated.. educational games , Mary Parker Follett,

Belief that efficiency is not enough to produce succes, Mary Parker Follett, integration, human factors more important than physical conditions , the effects of lighting levels and incentives on employees, Human Relations Management, is role in the famous Hawthorne Studies, workplace was more complex than previously thought, Chester Barnard, Because the workers formed into a cohesive work group, Used 4 principles to emphasize the importance of coordination , contrary to organizational goals or purpose, Constructive conflict, domination, compromise, and integration, Hawthorne Studies--Phase 2, Another result of the 1st Phase of the Hawthorne Studies,