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Phrasal verbs with %22on%22 and %22off%22 2 (EGU 140.2)

Complete the sentences. Each time use a verb %22on%22 or %22off%22.

1. Don%27t #until tomorrow what you can do today.
going on, , ,
2. A: What time are you leaving now? B: I%27m not sure yet, but I%27d like to #as early as possible.
take off, , ,
3. There was going to be a strike by bus drivers, but now they have been offered more money and the strike has been #.
turned off, switched off, print quizzes , ,
4. Rachel got into her car and #at high speed.
drove off, , ,
5. I didn%27t want to be disturbed, so I #my mobile phone.
put on, , ,
6. It was warm, so I #my jacket.
set off, class website , ,
7. What are all those people doing? What%27s #?
put off, , ,
8. When I go away, I prefer to be alone at the station or airport. I don%27t like it when people #me off.
called off, , ,
9. Tim has #weight since I last saw him. He used to be quite thin.
put on, web 2.0 , ,
10. Are you cold? Shall I get you a sweater to #?
see, , ,