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6. Money Matters Chapter 2 Semester Review

1. What is the best option if you begin losing money in your mutual fund?
Call your broker and switch your funds, Pull everything out and open a certificate of deposit at a bank, Leave it alone, but stop investing money in the fund, Leave it alone and continue to invest money in the fund
2. Which of the following is an example of investing?
You want to start a college fund for your newborn son ESL , Your daughter has a wedding next year, You want to buy a car in two years., Your daughter’s prom is in 6 weeks
3. Which is not a good investment?
gold, commodities, viaticals, all are bad investments
4. When seeking a financial counselor to help you with your investments, always go with:
close family member or friend, financial counselor who uses all of the right vocabulary class page , financial counselor with the heart of a teacher , financial counselor who has at least five years experience
5. With all investments, as the risk goes up, the rate of return
goes up, goes down, stays the same, will depend on the liquidty of the investment
6. Within a 5 year period, what percentage of Mutual Funds will make a profit?
25%25, 50%25, 75%25, 97%25
7. matching excercise Within a 10 year period, what percentage of Mutual Funds will make a profit?
25%25, 50%25 e-learning , 97%25, 100%25
8. Which of the following would be considered the most risky?
aggressive growth, international funds, growth, growth and income
9. educational activities Which statement is true about liquidy?
The more liquid an investment is, the less return, The more liquid an investment is, the more return elearning , The less liquid an investment is, the less return., none of the choices are true.
10. Which type of investment is the best for your emergency fund?
bonds, money market, CD, single stock
11. mix questions Means to spread around
Murphy%27s Law, Rule of 72, diversification, Investing
12. A savings account with an insurance company
viatical, bond, CD, annunity
13. A debt instrument where a company owes you money
CD print quizzes , Viatical create online tests , Annunity, Bond
14. A degree of uncertainty of the return of an investment
Rate of Return, Risk, Liquidity, Diversification
15. Buying the beneficiary position on a life insurance policy of someone who is dying
Annuities, Futures %26 Commodities, Fixed Annunity, Viatical
16. school Dave suggests investing in mutual funds that:
Are new and expected to grow., Have at least a three year successful track record., Have at least a five year successful track record, Have at least 200 companies in their Holdings
17. When it comes to investing, Dave always suggests getting advice from whom?
A financial advisor recommended by co-workers, A financial advisor who has the heart of a teacher., Advice? You don%27t need advice!, Your golfing buddy