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Business Management Chapter 1

1. The function that is being performed when a manager is carrying out plans and helping employees work effectively is
implementing, organizing, controlling , planning
2. Analyzing information and making decisions about what needs to be done is the management action known as
controlling, implementing, planning, organizing
3. People in the first, or beginning level of management in a company are known as
executives, Mid-level managers, supervisors, trainees
4. Which of the following is NOT one of the common responsibilities of supervisors?
communicating goals and directions to employees, encouraging employees to do their best work, keeping employee complaints and concerns from top management, control costs and use resources efficiently
5. Decisions about the day to day operations of a specific business are the responsibility of
top level management, mid level management, supervisors, all of the answers are correct
6. educational games A sign or indication that something appears to be a problem is a (an)
alternative, solution, problem solving process, a symptom
7. The final step in the decision making process is to
analyze the solutions, determine the best solution, identify the problem, select the best solution
8. quiz generator Once the problem has been identified, a manager should
solve it, list possible solutions, make a decision, analzye the problem
9. A top level manager who spends most of his or her time on management functions is
mid-manager, supervisor, a team leader, an executive
10. The effectiveness of a supervisor’s job is determined by which factor
the quality of the work of the supervised employees, the efficient use of the company’s resources, the satisfaction of the supervisors employees, all of the choices are correct
11. Which of the following would not be appropriate in selecting the solution to be implemented to solve an important problem?
take time rather than make a quick decision educational activities , involve others to help with the decision, select the least expensive solution, all of the choices are correct
12. Deciding how plans can most effectively be accomplished and arranging resources to complete work
planning, organizing, implementing, controlling
13. Evaluating results to determine if the company’s objectives have been accomplished as planned
planning, organizingweb page, controlling, implementing
14. Analyzing information and making decisions about what needs to be done
controlling, implementing, organizing, planning
15. web 2.0 Carrying out the plans and helping employees work effectively.
planning, organizing, controlling, implementing
16. Determining the types of raw materials to use in order to develop a high-quality product
planning, organizing, controlling, implementing
17. Completing an employee performance appraisal.
planning, organizing, controlling , implementing
18. Forepersons, crew leader, and store managers are all examples of ______ managers
supervisors, mid-level managers, executives, all of the answers are correct