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Business Management Semester Exam Review Chapter 1

Deciding how plans can most effectively be accomplished, The final step in the decision making process , People in the first, or beginning level of management , Controlling, manager who works most directly with employees , Once the problem has been identified, a manager should, Analyzing the solution involves, A sign or indication that there seems to be a problem, Completing an employee performance appraisal., after a symptom has been identified you should..., Determining raw materials to use in a creating quality product, planning, Accomplishing the goals of an organization through people assess performance , Employees will be most successful when they , Carrying out the plans and helping employees work effectively online quizzes , A top level manager who spends most time on mgmt function,

an executive, symptom, ask questions, listing advantages and disadvantages, supervisor, have the chance to try supervision before making a decision, Analyzing information and making decisions , Management, implementing, select the best solution, organizing, Evaluating results to determine if goals were accomplished, planning create online quizzes , list possible solutions, supervisors, Controlling,