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8. Money Matters Chapter 3 Semester Review

Baby Step 5 results , 401k, Manager of child%27s account until they reach 18, Roth IRA, Baby Step 4, $10,000, Rule of 72, SEPP web 2.0 , Direct Transfer, Used after you max out your ESA, Pension Plan, ESA, Qualified Plan, $5000, Never save for college using, The age when you can withdraw money from your Roth IRA ,

UTMA, Investment grows tax free, Retirement plan for self employed people, used for college savings, Contribution limit for a Roth IRA create online activities , Way to calculate length of time to double an investment, College Funding, What you should do with your 401k if you leave the company language , Means that it has special tax treatment, Custodian generate answer keys , Retirement plan offered by most companies today., Contribution limit for a married couple for a Roth IRA, 59 1/2 years old, Prepaid tuition, insurance, or savings bonds, A retirement plan that is 100%25 funded by the company, 15%25 of your income to a retirement plan,