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2. Money Matters Chapter 1 Semester Review

Correct order for using your money, Baby Steps 1 %26 2 both deal with this, Where you would put your Emergency Fund, Amoral, Baby Step 1, Interest on Interest, Saving money for a purchase and then paying cash, The $$ that most people would have for Baby Step 3, Pre-Authorized Checking, Dave Ramsey%27s middle daughter, If it can go wrong it will go wrong, Your highest savings priority, The United States%27 current savings rate, Baby Step 3, Three reasons you should save., Discipline,

Give, Save, Spend, $10,000-$15,000, 3-6 months of expenses, Money is neither good nor bad, Emergency Fund, $500/$1000 in an Emergency Fund educational activities , Key to building wealth save time , helps build discipline when saving, Murphy%27s Law, Sinking Fund Approach, a negative number web tool , Compound, saving %26 emergency fund, Rachel, Money Market Account, Emergency Fund, Purchases, Wealth Building,