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TKAM Unit Test Review

1. How do Dill and Miss Rachel Haverford relate?
he is her niece, and he lives with her during the summers, they are merely neighborhood acquaintances, he is her nephew, and he lives with her during the summers, she is his godmother
2. What sensitive subject does Scout ask Dill about soon after meeting him?
she asks if he’s ever accidentally forgotten to feed his pet fish, she asks where his father is, she asks if his parents are divorced, she asks if he’s ever kissed a girl
3. What does Miss Caroline have Scout read from on her first day of first grade?
The Hunger Games, To Kill a Mockingbird , The Gray Ghost, My First Reader
4. Why doesn’t Walter Cunningham accept the quarter Miss Caroline offers him?
his family doesn’t accept what they can’t pay back, he prefers coins of smaller denominations , his family is too snobby to accept any help from others, he knows he’d need two quarters to buy a proper lunch
5. How does Miss Caroline suggest Burris Ewell treat his lice-filled hair?
he should leave it the way it is, he should wash it and then shave it, he should wash it and treat it with kerosene , he should burn it all off
6. How does Miss Maudie feel about the subject of Boo Radley being alive or dead?
she thinks it’s impolite to talk about people behind their backs, she does not think it is morbid, she does not have any opinion on the matter, she thinks it is morbid
7. What lie does Dill tell Atticus about their foray onto Boo Radley’s porch late one night?
he says they were poking around on Boo Radley’s property, he says they were really playing strip poker , he says they learning to swim at Barker’s Eddy, he says they were in their beds the whole time
8. One reason Scout likes second grade is because she gets to stay at school as late as Jem does.
True, False, ,
9. Nathan Radley fills the knot-hole with cement because it really is dying.
True, False, ,
10. Miss Maudie is not afraid the random snowfall will kill her precious azaleas.
True, False, ,
11. Nathan Radley puts a blanket around Scout’s shoulders the night Miss Maudie’s house burns.
True, False, ,
12. Uncle Jack becomes angry every time Scout curses around him.
True, False, ,
13. ESL Atticus supports killing mockingbirds because they don’t do anything harmful; they just sing.
True, False, ,
14. The shooting of the rabid dog, Tim Johnson, exposes Atticus as One-Shot Finch.
True, False, ,
15. Atticus thinks Mrs. Dubose was brave because she carried a CSA pistol.
True, False, ,
16. Why does Reverend Sykes want to raise $10 from his congregation?
he wants to put the money toward church renovations , He wants to send money to Tom Robinson to use in jail, he wants to help financially support Tom Robinson’s wife, he wants to build an addition onto his house
17. Where do Jem and Scout first spot Aunt Alexandra?
they see her digging through the trash on the street corner, they see her stepping off a bus on the corner near their house, he wants to help financially support Tom Robinson’s wife, they see her sitting in a rocking chair on their porch
18. Why does Atticus talk to Scout and Jem about their family history?
Scout and Jem ask him about their family history e-learning , Aunt Alexandra asks him to, he likes having uncomfortable conversations with his children, he thinks Scout and Jem should change their ways
19. How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia’s role as the Finch family cook?
she wants to keep Calpurnia around until Scout is an adult, she thinks they need a second cook , she thinks it’s time Calpurnia is let go, she wants to fire Calpurnia and be their cook instead
20. What does Scout think is under her bed before she learns it is really Dill?
Charles Baker Harris, a snake, Boo Radley’s ghost, a set mousetrap
21. Why does Atticus take a chair, light, and reading material to the jailhouse?
to spend time in the nice outdoors, to read by the shining moonlight, to protect Mr. Underwood from a drunken mob, to protect Tom Robinson from a drunken mob
22. Why is Mr. Raymond considered a town outcast?
he’s in an interracial marriage, and he seemingly drinks all the time, he likes to knit throw pillows and upholster furniture, he likes to play with guns in the middle of the night, he was once a fan of a rival sports team
23. Where do Jem, Dill, and Scout find seats for Tom Robinson’s trial?
in the colored balcony, in Atticus’ chair outside of the jailhouse, in the witness chair, in the building across from the courthouse
24. Mr. Gilmer is the judge presiding over Tom Robinson’s case.
True, False, ,
25. create online quizzes Calling a doctor to look at Mayella’s wounds would have cost Bob Ewell five dollars.
True teaching , False, ,
26. Mayella takes kindly to Atticus’ use of “ma’am” and “Miss Mayella.”
True, False, ,
27. Jem says Mr. Underwood won’t tell on them to Atticus; he’ll just write about it in the newspaper.
True, False, ,
28. Tom Robinson testifies that he was jailed for thirty days for disorderly conduct charges.
True, False, ,
29. online activities Link Deas interrupts the courtroom to tell everyone how terrible Tom Robinson was as an employee.
True, False, ,
30. Jem, Dill, and Scout learn the truth about Mr. Raymond’s drinks; he prefers Coca-Cola to liquor.
True, False, ,
31. All nine jurors quickly decide Tom Robinson is guilty of raping Mayella Ewell.
True, False, ,
32. How does Miss Maudie save the children from the group of gossiping neighbors outside their house?
she throws a stink bomb in the direction of the group, she pulls the children away by their arms , she asks them to help her water her azaleas, she invites them to her house to eat cake
33. interactive learning Why does Miss Maudie think the jury’s long deliberation is a baby step?
because one of the jury members has seven babies, because they crawled when they entered the courtroom, because Tom acted like a baby when he testified, because they considered the idea of Tom%27s innocence
34. Why will Tom Robinson be sent to the electric chair if his appeal fails?
that is where he asked to be sent if his appeal fails, it’s the punishment for rape, a capital offense in Alabama, that is where Atticus will take him if he fails him again, it’s a coveted vacation destination
35. What are Jem and Dill up to when Scout is helping Calpurnia serve Aunt Alexandra’s ladies?
Dill is teaching Jem how to swim at Barker’s Eddy, they are running through Miss Maudie’s flower beds, Jem is teaching Dill how to swim at Barker’s Eddy, they are hitchhiking to Meridian so Jem can meet Dill’s family
36. build your own quiz How does Tom Robinson die?
he lives out his natural life in his jail cell, Bob Ewell breeches prison security and stabs him, he breaks his neck after falling from the prison wall, he is shot 17 times while trying to escape from prison
37. How does Helen Robinson react to seeing Atticus, Calpurnia, Jem, and Dill?
she immediately collapses to the ground, she runs in the opposite direction, she runs up to him and starts hitting him in the chest, she faints from heat exhaustion
38. What fantasy does Scout concoct regarding Boo Radley?
she imagines him joining the football team with Jem, she imagines him breaking into their house while they’re sleeping, she imagines running into him at the local market, she imagines him on the porch and having a conversation w/ him
39. How is Miss Gates hypocritical?
she dislike presentations, yet she makes her students do them, she dislikes Hitler%27s actions but thinks Tom got what he deserved, she eats pudding for lunch but doesn%27t let the kids eat it, she chews gum, but she doesn’t let her students chew gum
40. Link Deas hires Helen Robinson and protects her from Bob Ewell’s violent threats.
True, False, ,
41. Judge Taylor’s house is broken into while he is not at home.
True, False, ,
42. educational games Scout scolds Jem for not bringing a flashlight on their journey to the Halloween pageant at school.
True, False, ,
43. At first, Scout and Jem think the person pursuing them after the pageant is Walter Cunningham.
True, False, ,
44. Aunt Alexandra unknowingly has Scout put on her overalls after Boo leads Scout and Jem home.
True, False , ,
45. Jem is awake when Scout finally meets Boo Radley as he stands against Jem’s bedroom wall.
True, False, ,
46. Heck Tate attempts to protect Boo Radley by saying Bob Ewell fell on his knife.
True, False, ,
47. Scout sees Boo Radley the next morning when she’s walking to town to get Jem some medicine.
True, False, ,
48. %22Aunt Alexandra...sat in her chair with her workbasket beside it, her rug spread across her lap” (Lee 223).
onomatopoeia , irony, imagery,
49. “‘When I went back, they were folded across the fence . . . like they were expectin’ me’” (Lee 58).
irony, simile, imagery,
50. “Some tinfoil was sticking in a knot-hole just above my eye level, winking at me in the afternoon sun” (Lee 33).
alliteration, metaphor, personification,