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TED - Midterm Fall 2012 Practice

patent assess performance , criteria, refinement, Information Age, Iron Age, computer, development, requirements, research and development, technology transfer, productivity, evolution, risk analysis, discovery, Renaissance, Paleolithic Age,

the process of finding something that already existed, A time of rebirth in arts and humanities, converts knowledge into a physical form, requirements placed on the development of a product/system, using tech. for something other than it was invented for, the criteria and constraints of a product or system, the process of change over time, this invention started the information age mix questions , lthe invention of the microprocessor happened here, alphabet and coins came into general use during this age, used to protect and control inventors ideas, activities aimed at inventing new products, producing more outputs with fewer inputs, an improvement or change, use and production of stone tools, a way to minimize side effects of technology,