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Places to shop 2 (OWS B 37A)

Choose the correct answer. Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.

1. A # has many different shops.
hypermarket, shopping centre, Answer_3_(optional),
2. You can get bread in a #.
newsagent%27s, chemist%27s e-learning , Answer_3_(optional),
3. The place for medicine is a #.
delicatessen, butcher%27s, Answer_3_(optional),
4. The place to buy fresh meat is the #.
hypermarket, newsagent%27s, Answer_3_(optional),
5. You can%27t buy boots in a #.
hypermarket, butcher%27s, Answer_3_(optional),
6. A # sells more than a supermarket.
delicatessen, shoe shop, Answer_3_(optional),
7. You can get cigarettes in a #.
baker%27s, chemist%27s, Answer_3_(optional),