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Phrasal verbs with %22out%22 2 (EGU 139.2)

Complete each sentence using a verb out.

1. The roac will be closed for two days nwxt week while building work is # .
works out, , ,
2. I phoned the station to # what time the train arrived.
carried out, , ,
3. We thought she was American at first, but she # to be Swedish.
ran out, , ,
4. SOmetimes it # cheaper to eat in a restaurant than to cook at home.
sort out, , ,
5. The company is # a new computer system at the moment.
find out, , ,
6. The new drug will be # on a small group of patients.
tried out, , ,
7. It took the fire brigade two hours to # the fire.
pointed out, web page, activity ,
8. There was a power cut and all the lights #.
work out, quiz builder , ,
9. I haven%27t applied for the job jet. I want to # more about the company first.
went out, , ,
10. They got married a few years ago but it didn%27t # , and they separated.
turned out, , ,
11. I thought th two books were the same until a friend of mine # the difference.
works out, , ,
12. We didn%27t manage to discuss everything at the meeting. We # of time.
find out, , ,
13. You have to # the problem yourself. I can%27t do it for you.
put out, e-learning , ,