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Rugby Quiz

1. help students assimilate material What is the lenght and breadth of the tag rugby playing area?
100m by 70m, 100m by 100m, 70m by 70m, 50m by 70m
2. What of the following item(s) are used for tag rugby?
Helmet, Stud shoes, Rugby ball, Tag belts and strips
3. create online activities Which one of the following is a essential skill for tag rugby?
Skipping, Evading, Running , Rolling
4. prepare quiz Which one of the following is a essential skill for tag rugby?
Throwing / Passing backwards, Kicking backwards, Spiking, Throwing / Passing forward
5. How do you score a point in tag rugby?
By kicking the ball into the score zone, By touching down the ball in the score zone, By shooting the ball into the score zone, By rolling the ball into the score zone
6. How many tag chance do each team got before trying?
4, 5, 6, 7
7. What happens if I pass the ball forward?
Put the ball down and my teammate will pick it up, Penalty kick, Turnover , Free kick
8. How do I stop a advancing opponent?
Use my body to block him, Push him, Trip him over, Pull his tag off
9. When do I kick the ball?
For restarts after a try or start, All the time e-learning , No, I cannot kick, Whenever I hold the ball
10. How many players are allowed to play at every one time?
6, 8, 7, 9