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Renaissance/Reformation Vocabulary

Predestination, Fresco, Protestantism, 95 Thesis, Humanism, Martin Luther, Renaissance results , Catholic Reformation, John Calvin online learning games , Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Secular, Edict of Worms, Lutheranism, Protestant Reformation, Indulgences,

Primary catalyst for the Protestant Reformation, Christian denominations that broke from the Catholic Chur, Italian artist who painted Last Supper and Mona Lisa, What happens in life has already been determined, Selling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church., Period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning., Artist who painted Sistine Chapel ceiling; David sculpture, German monk who wrote 95 Thesis; critic of RCC, Religious doctrine developed by Martin Luther; 1st Protestant faith, Wordly; not pertaining to church matters or religion., Charles V exiled or outlawed Martin Luther from HR Empire, Interests of human beings are of primary importance, Reform movement within the Latin Catholic Church, Painting on a wall by using watercolors on wet plaster, An attempt to reform Roman Catholic Church - creation of Prost., French humanist who wrote theological writings,