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11 Grade Genetically Modified Food

Analyze the text %22GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD%22 and work out the answers. There might be more than one answer in multiple-choice questions.

1. (PARA 2) A weed-killer ...
you can help recognizing it from its taste., you might not be aware of the fact that this is a GMа product. quiz , most people are unaware of the long-term effects it can bring on. ,
2. (PARA 3) Many farmers ...
3. (PARA 2) GMF stands for #
that people start to riot, that the number of people is growing rapidly,
4. (PARA 2) Malnutrition in some countries ...
5. (PARA 3) Transgenic foods ...
the plant which can resist pesticides., the plant which can resist pests., the plant that does not require any use of pesticides around it., the plant which cannot grow without pests.,
6. (PARA 3) Pollen from GMFs #.
are the chemicals used to kill everything living. , are the poisonous chemicals used to kill the weeds., and pesticides are synonyms., are often used as a substitution for tilling because the latter is not cost-effective.,
7. (PARA 2) The phrase %22 booming population%22 means #...
is the person who removes weeds by tilling., is the person who sprays the fields in order to destroy weeds., a poisonous chemical designed to destroy weeds. , is an informal word for %22a herbicide%22.,
8. (PARA 2) Herbicides ...
can be eliminated by enriching some crops with vitamins and minerals., means that the population of these countries do not consume all the necessary elements and nutrients on a regular basis. , cannot be done away with by genetic engineering. ,
9. (PARA 2) Pest-resistant plant is ...
genetically modified food, Genetically moified food, Genetically Modified Food, genetically modified foods, , ,
10. (PARA 1) Genetically modified food is nothing but science fiction.
to fight human diseases, to prolong their freshness during storage, to avoid the necessity of creation special storage conditions for the vegetables, to avoid the necessity of creation special storage conditions for the vaccines,
11. (PARA 1) When eating a variety of genetically modified food ...
has been found to kill some insects., presents no hazard to anything living. , Answer_3_(optional),
12. (PARA 2) It is predicted that the world population will reach over 10 mln in the next 50 years.
can deceive the consumers by looking fresher than they are., might have low nutritional value., rot faster than original foods. ,
13. (PARA 2) Scientists are working to develop edible vaccines in some vegetables #.
TRUE, FALSE, distant learning ,
14. (PARA 2) Genetic engineering has no obvious advantages.
from the developing countries will not eventually afford GM seeds, are not likely to buy the GM seeds because they might be availabe without any cost. , can become extremely wealthy if they buy GM seeds beforehand. , will not benefit from farming if the new GM plants will have to be patented. ,