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Italian Cooking Terms

Minestrone, Strainer, Colander, Espresso, Risotto, Slotted Spoon, Al dente, Basil, Antipasto, Whisk, Gelato, Prosciutto teacher , Pane, Cappucino, Tomato, Bruschetta,

hot drink with espresso and frothed hot milk., a tool with wire mesh for fine straining of food., a herb spice common to Italian cooking. , Dark strong coffee, a balloon shaped tool used to whip air into foods, like egss., Italian term for bread, a bowl with holes used to drain liquid from foods., %22before the pasta%22 The appetizer, Italian ice cream. Made from milk, gelatin, sugar, and fruit, Italian ham - sliced VERY thin., Toasted Italian bread with olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic, Thick soup with tomatoes, vegetables and pasta, a red fruit/vegetable common to Italian cooking. , a large spoon with slots for draining liquids from foods. grading , pasta that is firm to the touch, not mushy, Rice that is cooked in broth. Not instant rice.,