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Chinese Novels Quiz #4 Review

1. What is the name of the ship the Schillings and Jun-ling take to Hong Kong from Tianjin?
USA Today, The Little Princess, The Death Star, The China Star
2. What activity does Wang Lung’s older son begin to neglect?
school, football team, farm work, field hockey
3. How does Jun-ling feel when she is playing with her cousins?
she dislikes the way Victor treats Claudine, she feels like going back to the boarding school in Tianjin, she envies the way Victor treats Claudine, she feels like running away because she hates her cousins
4. What does Wang Lung begin to search for in regards to his older son?
an apartment, a birthday present, a new school to attend, a wife
5. What two languages are the signs written in in Hong Kong?
English and Japanese, Chinese and Spanish, English and Chinese, Chinese and Sign Language
6. Where does the older son go, upsetting Wang Lung?
the market, the House of Hwang, the house of concubines, the city in the south
7. matching excercise What does Fourth Brother throw to Jackie when Jun-ling is confined to her room?
sausage, a tennis ball, frozen hamburger patties, PLT, the dead duckling
8. At the beginning of chapter 23, what does Wang Lung compare Lotus to?
O-lan, a geisha educational activities , a jewel, a mockingbird
9. What location do the Schillings leave for Thursday morning?
Geneva, Hong Kong, outer space, Tianjin
10. What animal is the older son compared to when he collapses in his own vomit?
dog, cat, ox, deer
11. What does Jun-ling catch Fourth Brother trying to do to Ye Ye?
trim his ear hair quiz builder , drop encyclopedias on his head, stuff PLT in his nose, bury him in the dirt
12. What will Wang Lung give the concubine if she turns down his older son?
enough grain and rice to last her a year, his younger son, a Schwinn bicycle, twice as much silver as his son will pay
13. What kind of car does Jun-ling’s father drive?
Studebaker, Honda Civic, Schwinn bicycle, he doesn%27t drive a car
14. Why does Wang Lung continue to allow his uncle and his family to live with him?
his uncle has nowhere else to go, his uncle has become his best friend, his uncle is a Redbeard, a robber, his uncle is helping around the house
15. Where does Fourth Brother demand to have tea at?
at home, at Sacred Heart, in Tianjin, at Posh Peninsula Hotel
16. What are the “enemies from the skies?”
locusts, evil spirits, mosqitoes, crows
17. What is significant about Feng San-An?
she is a child for sale, she can juggle seven basketballs, she is Jun-ling’s long lost sibling, she is to be the next Dalai Lama
18. What does O-lan think her older son is doing with Lotus in the inner courts?
she thinks he is writing letters she dictates, she thinks he is sleeping with her, she thinks he is reading to her, she thinks he is helping Cuckoo serve her
19. What in Hong Kong is named Sacred Heart?
Jun-ling%27s new duckling, Hong Kong%27s library, Jun-ling%27s new boarding school, the name of the hotel they have tea at
20. What does Wang Lung beat his older son with when he finds him talking to Lotus?
a bamboo stick, a garden hoe, a wooden spoon, a switch from a birch tree
21. How much time passes from the end of chapter 17 to the beginning of chapter 18?
no time passes, two years, two decades, two months
22. After the beating, what decision does Wang Lung make regarding his older son?
he decides to make him work in the fields with the hired farmers, he decides to send him south until further notice, he decides to kill him with poison, he decides to ignore the situation altogether
23. What surprising event happens during breakfast one morning?
Jun-ling is given a roasted chicken with her number on it , Jun-ling is told she can leave boarding school early, Jun-ling is given a boiled egg with her number on it, Jun-ling stands on the table and breaks out in song and dance
24. Who does the younger son remind Wang Lung of?
Lotus, the concubine, O-lan, his forsaken wife, the old man, his father, Elvis, the king
25. What nickname do classmates give Monica Lim, the popular girl who makes fun of Jun-ling?
Brains, Heather, Beauty, Brown Noser
26. With whom does Wang Lung make a marriage arrangement for his younger daughter?
the man who already betrothed his dauther to a son of Wang Lung%27s elearning , his neighbor, Ching, the old man from the House of Hwang, his greedy uncle
27. How does Jun-ling reportedly react to the content of King Lear?
she despises it, it makes her laugh, she throws it down out of anger, it moves her to tears
28. How many pieces of silver does Wang Lung eventually pay the doctor to help O-lan?
500, 10, 5,000, none
29. Who is responsible for the egg Jun-ling receives for breakfast Sunday morning?
Eleanor, Jun-ling , her siblings, Irene