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TKAM Ch 17-21 Review

1. On which side of Mayella’s face did Heck Tate find wounds?
right side, strong side, top half, left side
2. What phrase does Mr. Gilmer use often?
%22tell me the truth%22, %22in someone else%27s words%22, %22give me all your muffins%22, %22in your own words%22
3. Why doesn’t Bob Ewell call for a doctor?
he believes doctors are voodoo, doctors refuse to treat the Ewells language , he is superstitious of them, he%27s never called for one before
4. How does Mayella act when she’s asked to recount the events of November 21?
she stands up and walks away from the witness stand, she whispers obscenities under her breath, she breaks out in tears, she kicks and screams
5. What piece of furniture does Mayella supposedly ask Tom to help her chop up on November 21?
a rocking chair, a dirty clothes hamper, a chiffarobe, a curio cabinet
6. How does Mayella react to hearing Atticus call her “ma’am” and “Miss Mayella”
she thinks he%27s mocking her, she refuses to speak, she leaves the witness stand again , she begins to sing a lullaby
7. What does Judge Taylor call for after Atticus cross-examines Mayella?
a recess until the next day, a lunch break, a brief recess, a dance-off with both lawyers
8. How did Tom Robinson have to handle his disorderly conduct charge?
he paid the fine and spent time in jail, he couldn’t pay the fine, so he spent 30 days in jail, he avoided police, creating a warrant for his arrest, he paid the fine and avoided jail
9. What does Link Deas do when he stands up and disrupts the courtroom?
he degrades Tom Robinson’s good name and character, he fires Tom Robinson from his employment, he defends Tom Robinson’s good name and character, he doesn’t say anything; he just stands up and walks out
10. Why does Mr. Raymond choose to act intoxicated?
he likes acting like a buffoon , he has to act intoxicated; he doesn’t have a choice school , he does it to keep the citizens of Maycomb off his back, he likes stumbling around
11. How does Atticus’ appearance and manner change during his closing argument?
he increases the volume of his voice, he loosens his clothing and changes his tone of voice, he does not change his appearance of manner, he passes out candy and flips his jacket inside out
12. results history What mannerisms does Scout notice about the jury that cause her to expect a guilty verdict?
they make eye contact with Tom Robinson, they shake hands with him and apologize, they do not look at Tom Robinson, they laugh at him because they’ve decided his fate
13. What is the significance of Mr. Underwood spotting the children?
he might keep it a secret for the rest of his life, he might tell Atticus about them being there , he might get them in trouble with Calpurnia, he might tell Judge Taylor and get them kicked out
14. “Against the fence, in a line, were six chipped-enamel slop jars holding brilliant red geraniums, cared for as tenderly as if they belonged to Miss Maudie Atkinson...%22
irony, imagery, foreshadowing, N/A
15. “A balding, smooth-faced man, he could have been anywhere between forty and sixty” (166).
direct characterization, indirect characterization - looks, indirect characterization - speech, N/A
16. distance learning “A dirt road ran from the highway past the dump, down to a small Negro settlement some five hundred yards beyond the Ewells’” (171).
metaphor, flashback, imagery, N/A
17. “His mouth was twisted into a purposeful half-grin, and his eyes happy about, and he said something about corroborating evidence...%22
direct characterization, indirect characterization - speech , indirect characterization - actions, N/A