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The Wizard of Oz, The Life of Albert Einstein, Time Magazine, ABC Dictionary for Kids, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, All About Siamese Cats, The Chicago Tribune, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, When Abe Lincoln Was President, The Manchester Union Leader, quiz generator Roget%27s Thesaurus, Black Beauty, Learning How to Sail, Ranger Rick, prepare quiz The 2009 Almanac, The Littles, Sign Language for Kids, Highlights, web tool Webster%27s Dictionary, Nancy Drew and the Secret Room, How to Draw Dinosaurs, People for Kids, quiz generator Atlas of the World, Mr. Popper%27s Penguins, Robert Frost - A New Hampshire Poet , Sports Illustrated, The Rhyming Dictionary, The LIttle House on the Pairie, Stars and Planets, Newsweek, Scholastic%27s English Grammar Guide,