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TED - Unit 2 - Practice Quiz 1

1. create online quizzes The compass, telescope and calculator are all products of the:
Renaissance, Middle Ages educational activities , Information Age, Industrial Revolution
2. Using a tennis racket to swat flies is an example of:
Technology Transfer, A spinoff, An invention, A discovery
3. educational activities What area tends to have a more direct effect on society because of its ability to both solve and create new problems and needs?
Science, Social Studies print quizzes , Technology, Mathematics
4. Technological innovation often results when which resources are shared within a technology, among technologies, or across other fields:
money, knowledge, or marketing, ideas, knowledge, or skills, creativity, money, or skills, business, marketing, or ideas
5. The telescope and the microscope represent technologies that aided in bringing about what type of changes in how humans viewed the world?
major, radical, conservative, revolutionary
6. During the Renaissance period, the technological development of items such as telescopes and microscopes greatly influenced progress in:
Manufacturing, Construction, Science, Electricity
7. In order to better understand the world and technology around them, people need to understand:
the history of technology, the future of the country, the current technology, the history of civilization