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Spanish 1 - common -ar verbs

bailar, terminar, escuchar, llevar, caminar, dibujar, preparar, mirar, esperar, buscar, desayunar, conversar, comprar, cantar, enseƱar, explicar, preguntar help students assimilate material , descansar, practicar, llegar, tomar, necesitar, regresar, estudiar, contestar, trabajar, cenar ESL , hablar, viajar mix questions , desear build your own quiz ,

to take, to drink, to prepare, to look at, to watch, to study, to eat dinner, to need, to practice, to chat, to work, to wait for, to hope, to travel, to listen to, to teach, to answer online education , to buy, to ask, to speak, to talk, to eat breakfast, to wish, to desire, to return, to draw, to explain, to dance, to look for, to walk, to carry, to arrive, to end, to finish, to sing, to rest,