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Spellbound Unit 5 slider activity

1. assess performance Which animal is known as madra uisce in Irish?
The monkey, The stoat tool for teachers , The tiger, The otter
2. Which mammal has large powerful hind legs and is very fast?
A kangaroo, A hare, A mouse, An otter
3. Which mammal has spikes which it uses to protect itself?
A badger, A stoat, A hedgehog, A rabbit
4. There are two varieties of this mammal in Ireland, a grey and a red.
Squirrel, Giraffe, Elephant, Rabbit
5. prepare quiz This animal is stocky, tough and has a white head with black stripes
An elephant, A tiger, A stoat, A badger
6. There are two varieties of this creature, a dromedary and a bactrian
Elephant, Camel, Mouse, Rabbit
7. This creature is dangerous and is a relative of the domestic cat (felis catus)
Hare, Mouse, Tiger, Giraffe
8. test This creature is associated with Australia
Hare, Camel, Elephant, Kangaroo
9. This creature has an unusually long neck
Mouse, Stoat, Rabbit, Giraffe