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Spellbound Unit 5 matching activity

giraffe, deer, rabbit, monkey, hare, elephant, shrew, squirrel generate answer keys , hedgehog, camel, tiger, badger, otter, stoat, kangaroo, mouse,

small mammal, hunted by cats, appears to hop at high speed, marsupial, young joey, related to humans, water dweller, fur covered, webbed feet, long flat tail, looks like and is closely related to weasels, mouse like creature with a long pointy nose, white head, black stripes create online tests , large with a trunk, great memory, smaller than a hare, often kept as pets, can have one hump or can have two elearning , very, very long neck, large cat, forest dweller, red or grey, lightening fast , spiky, larger than a rabbit, the males often have antlers,