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ESL irregular verbs 04

Drag the word to its correct usage.

I _________all of the time., He ________ every day, She ________yesterday., She ______and is finished,

lie about homework, lies about chores, lied to mom, has lied about the money, grading light the candles, english lights the Christmas tree, lit the stove, has lit a cigarette, lose keys, loses homework, lost money, has lost the way home, make dinner, makes up jokes, made a tower of blocks, has made a chart, mean to help, means to hurt me, meant to be useful, has meant to do the job, pay the bills, pays the landlord, paid for the coffee, has paid for dinner, read my newspaper, reads e-mail, read her assignment, has read the article, ride horses, rides a bicycle to school, online education rode in the car, has ridden on the train,