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ESL irregular verbs 03

Drag the word to its correct usage.

I _________all of the time., She ________ every day, He ________yesterday., I ______and am finished,

knit sweaters, knits scarves, knit a cap, have knit a blanket, know what to do, learning knows the answer, knew the dead man, have known the lie, lay my pencils down, lays the tablecloth, lay down the book, have lain the cards, lead the song, leads the hike, led the way, have led them home, build your own quiz leave my water bottle, leaves the sweater, left the homework, have left home, lend him a dollar, lends me money, lent them pencils, have lent the car, let you go to the store, lets him eat cake, let her sleep in, have let you take my dog, lie down every night, web 2.0 lies on the sofa after lunch, laid down to rest, build your own quiz has laid down,