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ESL irregular verbs 01

Drag the word to its correct usage.

I _________all of the time., She ________ every day, She ________yesterday., I ______and am finished,

freeze, freezes, froze, have frozen, bite into an apple, bites a chocolate, elearning bit the dog, online activities have bitten my sister, get lunch money, gets presents, class website got a good grade, online education have gotten my letter, give to the church, gives to the homeless, gave to the community, online learning games have given my time, go to school, goes to tutoring, went to work, have gone to the store, grind my teeth, grinds pepper, ground the coffee, have ground spices, grow taller, grows new hair, grew flowers, have grown up, hang around the playground, online quizzes hangs on the monkey bars, hung up my coat, have hung the picture,