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The Sign of Four 4/3

Match the sentence halves.

Father saw at once, I am very worried, We followed the Indian servant, The treasure made, There is nothing wrong, The jewels were worth, A terrible change educational games , The man seemed, Then he held our hands, This letter, They had, We rushed to the window quiz , Only our father, He did not notice, He was the only person learning , The carpet was,

how much he had upset Mrs Morstan., who knew this terrible story., very nervous., into the house., and spoke to us., a terrible argument., but the man had gone., that Morstan was dead. prepare quiz , with your heart., Father greedy. create online activities , more than a million dollars., came over our father%27s face., about my heart. ESL , upset him very much. computer assisted language learning , knew the terrible truth., soft and very thick.,