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Spanish 1 Descriptions and colors (p. 22)

short, blue, medium, warm online learning games , a little, big, easy, red, yellow, bad short answer questions , pink, small, gray, good, what color is it? quiz , brown, purple, white, cold, new , black, long crossword maker , hard, difficult, old, much, a lot, orange, green, hot,

malo, viejo, bueno, caliente, fácil, amarillo, anaranjado, negro elearning , templado, marrón, ¿De qué color es?, nuevo web 2.0 , poco, gris, verde online education , pequeño, mediano language , grande teaching , blanco, difícil, largo, mucho, azul, frío, rojo, rosado, corto, morado help students assimilate material ,