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An interview

How often do you go to the gym?, Do you go to school on Saturdays?, Do you play an instrument?, What%27s your favourite sport?, What pets has she got?, Do you like sports?, Does your English teacher play the guitar?, What are your favourite possessions?, Do you watch sport on TV?, Do you wear a uniform?, Has your school got after school clubs?, On which days?, Do you have lunch in the school?, Does your mother work in London?, Has Alessia got a pet?, Have you got a computer?,

No, she doesn%27t., She%27s got a cat and a hamster., Yes, she has., Yes, I do. I play the piano., No, I don%27t., On Mondays and Thursdays., Yes, I do., Twice a week., No, she doesn%27t. She works in Cambridge., Yes, I have prepare quiz , My mobile phone, my computer and my MP3player., No it hasn%27t. tool for teachers , Yes, I do, but I don%27t practice them., Yes, I have lunch twice a week., No, I don%27t. , I like football and tennis:,