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New Friends 1/8/2

Połacz zwroty z ich angielskimi odpowiednikami.

1. To jest zabawa
This is fun!, a horrible mouth, a short tail, a fat body
2. piękny nos
a beautiful nose, a fat body, long legs, fat legs
3. okropne usta
a horrible mouth, a fat body, a winner, short legs
4. niebieskie oczy
blue eyes, long teeth, You%27re wrong!, a big head
5. duże uszy
big ears , You%27re wrong!, long teeth, ugly teeth
6. grube ciało
a fat body, long legs quiz builder , a dog show, a judge
7. grube nogi
fat legs, a horrible mouth, a big head, a short tail
8. długie nogi
long legs, long teeth, Well done!, a beautiful nose
9. krótkie nogi
short legs, a fat body, big ears , This is fun!
10. duża głowa
a big head, a short tail, This is fun!, a dog show
11. interactive długi ogon
a long tail, long legs, fat legs, Bravo!
12. krótki ogon
a short tail, a beautiful nose, This is fun!, a fat body
13. Brawo!
Well done!, a fat body, fat legs, This is fun!
14. Nie masz racji.
You%27re wrong!, big ears , long teeth, This is fun!
15. długie zęby
long teeth, blue eyes, a judge, a short tail
16. brzydkie zęby
ugly teeth, Well done!, blue eyes, Bravo!
17. zwycięzca
a winner, a beautiful nose, a big head, a horrible mouth
18. Brawo!
Bravo!, blue eyes, a beautiful nose, ugly teeth
19. sędzia
a judge, big ears , a beautiful nose, a fat body