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Spanish 2 - pastimes and sports

to do gymnastics, ID card, to practice, to take a hike, to play, game, match, to paint, to draw, to go fishing, to cruise in a car, sports , chess, team, to travel, to ski, skate, to go on an outing, to take pictures, to win, to drive, to exercise, to go camping, to ice skate, to rollerskate, checkers, to sleep, to cook, to pay, stamps, to tell, count, to lose, to lift weights,

perder, dormir, pintar, deportivo, levantar las pesas, practicar, sacar fotos, hacer gimnasia, hacer ejercicio, esquiar, hacer una caminata, ganar, el ajedrez, el carné de identidad, contar, los sellos, dibujar, el patín, patinar sobre hielo, viajar, ir de excursión, ir de pesca web tool , las damas, ir de camping, patinar sobre ruedas, jugar, manejar, pagar, dar un paseo en coche, el equipo, cocinar, el partido,