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UNIT ONE - Ultra Multiple Choice

Please complete the activity until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.

1. These phrases have a direct connection to New England with the exception of
%22City Upon A Hill%22, Use of presidios for the sake of defense, Establishment of schools in fifty family communities, Writing of the Mayflower Compact
2. The North Carolina rebellion connected to excessive taxation was organized by the
Baconistas, Stono slaves, Regulators, Pueblo people
3. The Stamp Act agitated colonists since it was
direct and internal. educational activities , indirect and internal., indirect and external., direct and external
4. Washington served in the French and Indian War within the ______________ and the Revolution in the _________.
1750%27s, 1770%27s, 1650%27s, 1670%27s, 1810%27s, 1820%27s, 1540%27s, 1550%27s
5. The British colonial region known for large grain crops was
the Middle colonies., the Chesapeake colonies., the New England colonies., the Southern colonies.
6. Influential ministers during the Great Awakening included
Edward Braddock and John Dickinson., George Whitefield and Sam Adams. english , Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield., Sam Adams and Jonathan Edwards.
7. The French actively and openly supported the Americans after the late 1770%27s Battle of
Saratoga., Yorktown., Bunker Hill., Concord.
8. The Townshend duties were repealed with the exception of a tax on
paint, tea, lead, glass
9. George Washington was selected as the commander of the Continental troops because he
was a military genius., was extrememly aggressive in battle., intimidated the British commanders., would satisfy Southerners for political reasons.
10. Nathaniel Bacon led a group of ______________________ during his Virginia rebellion of the late 1600%27s.
indentured servants quiz builder , legislators, aristocrats, colonial militia