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TKAM Chapters 1-6

1. What does Harper Lee mean when she says Jem is four years Scout’s “senior?”
he wants to make him so mad that he will stab another person with scissors, he wants to introduce himself as Charles Baker Harris, Dill wants to make Boo Radley leave his house so they can see what he looks like,
2. What does Scout do that results in Miss Caroline punishing her by swatting her hand with a ruler?
she decides to go to Jem’s fifth-grade classroom instead of her own first-grade classroom, she picks on the Cunninghams because they are a poor family, she tells Miss Caroline about the Cunninghams’ morals and lifestyle ,
3. Locate the term that means %22a stock of plays, dances, or pieces that a company or a performer is prepared to perform.%22
she wants to be a fifth-grader like Jem, she doesn’t think she can obey Miss Caroline’s orders to not read/write at home anymore, she wants to be homeschooled so she can sleep in every morning educational activities ,
4. How does Jem get his pants back after they get stuck on Boo Radley’s fence?
Scout rolls all the way to Meridian to visit Dill, the local cemetery , Scout’s tire ride puts her at the Radley’s front porch steps,
5. Why does Scout not want to go back to school after her first day there?
she confesses she actually hates gardening and only does it because she’s bored, she complains about blades of nut grass because they can ruin her whole yard, she complains that there isn’t enough room for all of the things she wants to plant,
6. Locate the term that means %22reserved or uncommunicative in speech.%22
the use a screwdriver to take apart the hinge, they just decide to climb over it instead of going through it, they spit on the noisy hinge,
7. Locate the term that means %22immoral or grossly unfair behavior.%22
he makes Scout go back and get them the next morning, he pays Walter Cunningham a shiny penny to get them for him, he sneaks out in the middle of the night to retrieve them,
8. What is the intention behind Dill’s plan regarding Boo Radley?
predilection, monosyllabic, taciturn,
9. Locate the term that means %22scornful.%22
taciturn, repertoire educational games , iniquities,
10. Locate the term that means %22concerning words consisting of only one syllable.%22
predilection, magesterial, contemptuous,
11. Locate the term that means %22extremely stupid or foolish.%22
illicitly, auspicious, taciturn,
12. Locate the term that means %22conducive to success, favorable.%22
auspicious, monosyllabic, asinine,
13. Locate the term that means %22a preference or special liking for something.%22
illicitly, repertoire online learning games , predilection,
14. What do Jem, Scout, and Dill do to stop Boo Radley’s gate from squeaking?
asinine, contemptuous, taciturn,
15. Where does Scout’s tire ride land her?
magesterial, monosyllabic, repertoire,
16. Locate the term that means %22having or showing great authority.%22
auspicious, asinine, illicitly ,
17. Locate the term that means %22illegally.%22
monosyllabic , predilection class web page , iniquities ,