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Cooking Terms

Match the cooking term to the defintion.

broil, mix, mince, beat, baste, chop, blend, dice, fry, bake, grate, boil, stir, melt matching excercise , garnish, whip school , coat, simmer, pare online quizzes , cream, cube, beat,

cut food into small, irregular pieces, to cook until liquid bubbles, to cook in liquid over low heat - keeping liquid boiling, to pour or brush liquid over food while it cooks, the cut off the outside covering of a fruit or vegetable grading , cooking directly under the source of heat, to beat the ingredients very rapidly to add air english , smallest possible cut., to stir foods together, to cut items into 1/2%22 square pieces crossword maker , decorate a finished dish, stir 2 or more ingredients together, to make mixture smooth by mixing quickly with a mixer or spoon, cover the surface of a food with a dry ingredient, to rub food over a food grater to break it up into small pieces., use a spoon in a circular or figure 8 motion., to cut food into neat 1/4%22 cubes, to make a food turn to liquid using heat, to cook in hot fat or oil, using a spoon, or mixer to combine ingredients until soft and creamy, to cook in an oven, to make mixture smooth by mixing quickly with mixer or spoon,