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Words for 12-2-16

Practice these words until you know them well. On Friday, February 13, we will have a quiz on them.

ubiquitous, entomologist results history , proboscis, indefatigable, industrious, subterranean, larvae, nocturnal, iridescent, indigenous, metamorphosis, nemesis, insatiable, trepidation prepare quiz , pollinate, quarantine,

Originating in or characteristic of a specific region, Pertaining to night, Fear, alarm, or agitation; trembling movements, Incapable of being tired out; tireless, Working energetically and devotedly; diligent, To fertilize flowering plants, Hard or incapable of being satisfied, greedy, Elogated, protrusion on the head of certain insects, Individual specializing in insects, Change of form , Strict isolation imposed to prevent spread of disease, Displaying an array of lustrious changing colors, Unconquerable opponent or rival, Existing, situated, or operating below the earth;s surface, Immature, wingless, feeding atage of an insect, Existing or being everywhere at the same time,