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AP 1-02b Tone adjectives 2nd set (16 terms)

jejune, seductive, patronizing, poignant, reverent, unctuous, resigned, laissez faire, indignant, quizzical, sardonic, morose, volatile, ingratiating, mordant, obsequious,

immature or childish, talking down to, conveying experience to won who has no, enticing, beguiling, captivating, self righteouslhy angry, flattering, attempting to win approval or curry favor, indicating mild or amuzed puzzlement, caustic or sarcastic in a mean way, laid back, unwilling to get involved, deeply respectful, marked by erratic changeableness in affections or attachments test , ill humored, very down, touching, deeply moving, strongly affecting the emotions, passive, accepting as inevitable, smug, oily (verbally) or excessively pious, scornfully derisive, overly obedient, dutiful, brown-nosing, fawning,